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What are the eligibility requirements to write IQEX? Is there an articling requirement for CPAs?

Eligibility criteria are explained here.

When is IQEX offered? How long is the exam?

The IQEX examination is now offered throughout the year at Prometric Centers in major Canadian and U.S. cities. Detailed information is included in the USCPA-NOW course material. You may visit the Prometric website at The exam requires you to book a 4.5 hour time slot. The first half hour is for orientation and the exam itself is 4 hours.

What is the cost of the exam? What is the application deadline?
When will the grades be released?

The estimated target release date is based on the following factors: the day you took your test by, and when the AICPA receives examination data files from Prometric, Usually, you can expect to receive your grade within two to three weeks after you have written the exam

Which U.S. jurisdictions accept IQEX?

IQEX is accepted by 45 states and The District of Columbia. The following 5 states do not accept IQEX:

      • Alaska
      • Connecticut
      • Delaware
      • Hawaii
      • Rhode Island
To which state should I apply after I pass IQEX?

Unless you have a compelling reason to join a particular State Board, it is recommended that you apply to the state of Illinois or the state of Arizona. Further information will be provided with your course materials.

After passing IQEX and joining a State Board, do I obtain all rights as a CPA?

Although you may refer to yourself as a U.S. CPA, in most jurisdictions a license to sign audit reports is not granted automatically. Such license is also not granted by simply passing the full Uniform Exam in the U.S. Various states impose additional education and/or experience requirements for those CPAs seeking permission to sign audit reports. The NASBA website lists all the individual State Boards along with contact information.

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The USCPA-NOW materials now include an analysis and discussion of the 26 most likely topics to be tested by the 8 Task Based Simulations which comprise 50% of the exam.

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