Instructor: Henry Zimmer

I have been providing U.S. CPA instruction and designing U.S. CPA materials for over twenty years. I was the founder of Cantax, for many years the leading Canadian income tax software and have taught in Canadian Chartered Accountancy (CA) preparation courses across Canada. I also lectured at McGill and Concordia Universities in Montreal, Canada, and at The University of Calgary. I am the author of many books on Canadian taxation and financial planning

I was a member of the Alberta CA Institute's Governing Council and was awarded an FCA in 1994. I am a registered CPA in the State of Arizona (Retired).

I reside in Desert Hot Springs, California where I am an avid senior softball player. In my spare time, I enjoy writing fiction and my novel "Designated Hitter" (a baseball story; what did you expect?) was published a few years ago as an eBook. I am also the author of “The Enlightened Capitalism Manifesto — A Blueprint for Revitalizing America”. Both books are available on Amazon.