A Comprehensive IQEX Program for Canadian CPAs

Now also available as an on-line course!


A Comprehensive IQEX Program
for Canadian Chartered Professional Accountants

How many thousands of hours did it take you to earn your Canadian designation?

Now you can add a U.S. CPA to your credentials by simply investing in the USCPA-NOW Comprehensive IQEX Program. The materials include a 350-page study binder containing text and over one thousand practice questions and detailed solutions, and reasonable email/telephone support from course developer Henry Zimmer. All of this will suffice as a stand-alone home-study program.

After completing an initial review of the study binder, you only need to commit about 75 hours of study.

Program Registration

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How does it work?

The National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) in the U.S. offers qualified Canadian CPAs (and Irish, Mexican, New Zealand, Australian, Scottish, South African and Hong Kong CAs/CPAs) a 4-hour International Qualifying Examination (IQEX) consisting of 76 multiple-choice questions and 8 short task-based simulations. Please see the Exam Application page. The exam may now be taken at your convenience throughout the year at a Prometric Center anywhere you wish in Canada (most major cities) or the U.S. Upon passing, you will be eligible to join one of 45 State Boards as a CPA.

It doesn’t matter when you received your Canadian CPA designation. There is no testing of Accounting or Auditing. 100% of the material covers U.S. Tax, Law and CPA Ethics. It is strongly recommended that you start your studies as soon as possible to avoid the need to cram.

Believe it or not, the topics comprise an enjoyable learning experience and, with some directed preparation, you will be successful.

The USCPA-NOW Comprehensive Program includes everything you will need to prepare for IQEX. There is no need to obtain any other study aids whatsoever!

After passing IQEX, will I be able to prepare U.S. tax returns?

If you are want to prepare U.S. tax returns, it is recommended that you enroll in the online tax course that is offered at There are two components, the first covering personal tax and the second dealing with corporations and partnerships. Both components offer many hours of verifiable Continuing Professional Education.

Passing the IQEX Exam and becoming a U.S. CPA automatically fulfills the recently implemented IRS tax preparer requirements. U.S. CPAs in Canada may obtain a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) and are exempt from the ongoing testing and continuing education requirements. A U.S. Social Security Number is not required.

What is your repeat policy if a participant fails the IQEX Exam?

Unsuccessful IQEX writers may make an email request for an updated USCPA-NOW study binder if updated materials are required. A request for updated materials must be made within 60 days of receiving your notification from NASBA that you were unsuccessful. You will have to pay printing costs of $70 U.S. plus shipping.

USCPA-NOW will respond and advise you of the shipping cost via USPS Priority Courier. USCPA-NOW must receive payment of $70 plus shipping costs by cheque before the materials are shipped. (If you reside in Canada, the cost is under $50. If you live in the U.S., it is around $15. Shipping to other countries should not exceed $100.)

What is the difference between the paper-based course and the on-line course?

The paper-based course consists of 500+ letter size pages delivered in a 3 ring binder, available for those who prefer to study using pen and paper.

The online course includes all the proven paper course content that has been significantly upgraded and modernized by applying the latest on-line learning techniques including:

    • Cutting edge technology including interactive elements and videos
    • Easy to read format, with key study points highlighted
    • Interactive tests imbedded within the content to reinforce learning
    • Trackable statistics / analytics so you can see how you are progressing
    • Desktop and mobile device friendly allowing you to access it on-line, anywhere, anytime
    • Users can take / retake sections multiple times
    • One click links to resources, including IRS forms and the AICPA blueprint
    • In-line note taking
    • Compatible with online accessibility tools (i.e. text to speech)
    • Up to the minute industry updates
    • The actual exam will be computer based and so studying / answering questions on-line helps prepare users for this experience

Why Should I Obtain a U.S. CPA?

There are several reasons for making the investment in a U.S. CPA designation.

  1. You may be living in the U.S. or may decide to move to the U.S. or to another jurisdiction where the U.S. CPA is more readily recognized than a CA or a Canadian CPA;
  2. You may have clients that are U.S. parents or subsidiaries of Canadian firms;
  3. You may be employed, or decide to become employed by a U.S.-based entity (or a Canadian subsidiary) even if you don’t relocate;
  4. All paid tax return preparers must now have a Preparer Tax Identification Number issued by the IRS before preparing any tax returns. As a U.S. CPA, you will be exempt from passing the IRS competency exams and the annual continuing education requirements.
  5. Even though a Canada-wide adoption of the initials CPA has taken place, the U.S. will not recognize the Canadian CPA certification any more than it did the predecessor Canadian CA designation.

Are you subject to Provincial Institute continuing professional education requirements?

If you are, why not use this opportunity to combine a professional designation with the fulfillment of your continuing professional development commitments?

What Makes USCPA-NOW Unique?

USCPA-NOW’s Comprehensive IQEX Program is the market leader in helping participants prepare for the IQEX Exam. USCPA-NOW is the only IQEX preparation course offers personalized email/telephone consultation with its course developer. The USCPA-NOW program starts from scratch and assumes you have no prior knowledge of U.S. taxation, U.S. law or U.S. ethics.

U.S. based courses advertising IQEX preparation merely review what U.S. college students learned in their undergraduate courses and leave eligible Canadian professionals frustrated studying on their own with no personal guidance. USCPA-NOW is with you every step of the way until you pass the IQEX Exam!

The USCPA-NOW materials now include an analysis and discussion of the 26 most likely topics to be tested by the 8 Task Based Simulations.

My Comprehensive IQEX Program

Course developer Henry Zimmer has prepared a Comprehensive IQEX Program that covers everything an eligible Canadian professional needs to learn to successfully pass the exam. All participants will receive study notes written in an easy-to-follow conversational style that emphasize the most likely topics tested on the exam. The materials also contain over one-thousand sample multiple choice questions with detailed solutions. Many of these questions are from old exams and the questions tend to be repeated from year-to-year.

Based on over twenty years of experience in teaching IQEX courses, Henry Zimmer guarantees that, after an initial run-through, there will be nothing in the materials (See the IQEX Syllabus and Grading Structure) that you won’t understand. USCPA-NOW promises that you will have a clear-cut picture of the amount of study time you will need to successfully pass IQEX.

To ensure your success, all participants are entitled to reasonable email/telephone consultation with Henry Zimmer. You should wait until you have completed an initial reading of the study notes and have reviewed the FAQs before requesting any assistance.

The USCPA-NOW materials include an analysis and discussion of the 26 most likely topics to be tested by the 8 Task Based Simulations.

Instructor: Henry Zimmer

I have been providing U.S. CPA instruction and designing U.S. CPA materials for over twenty years. I was the founder of Cantax, for many years the leading Canadian income tax software and have taught in Canadian Chartered Accountancy (CA) preparation courses across Canada. I also lectured at McGill and Concordia Universities in Montreal, Canada, and at The University of Calgary. I am the author of many books on Canadian taxation and financial planning

I was a member of the Alberta CA Institute’s Governing Council and was awarded an FCA in 1994. I am a registered CPA in the State of Arizona (Retired).

I reside in Desert Hot Springs, California where I am an avid senior softball player. In my spare time, I enjoy writing fiction and my novel “Designated Hitter” (a baseball story; what did you expect?) was published a few years ago as an eBook. I am also the author of “The Enlightened Capitalism Manifesto — A Blueprint for Revitalizing America”. Both books are available on Amazon.

Examination Application
Procedures & Deadlines

You should access the NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy) website at and review the material on IQEX. The USCPA-NOW study materials include a summary of the major points. However, before you register with USCPA-NOW, there are a few things you must know.

  1. You may print a copy of the IQEX application form from the NASBA website and complete it manually. The fee to write IQEX is $835 U.S. payable by Mastercard, Visa or Discover and is to be mailed with your application.
  2. You must arrange for a Letter of Good Standing to be sent directly to NASBA by your Provincial Institute. NASBA must receive it before you are granted permission to schedule your examination. To be eligible to write IQEX, your CPA experience requirement must have been completed. There are no longer any exceptions since the exam is offered throughout the year. A Notice to Schedule is open for six calendar months.
  3. The earlier you apply (and your Letter of Good Standing is submitted) the greater your chances are of securing the testing date and location you desire. Testing is administered at Prometric Centers in Canada and the U.S. A list of testing locations can be found at July 1, 2020, the IQEX examination is now offered throughout the year. Please be aware that each Prometric Center has a limited number of computers and they administer many different kinds of tests (eg. LSAT, MCAT etc.) simultaneously.

IQEX Subject Areas & Grading

Subject Area Percentage of Exam
Business Law 12%
Ethics 13%
Federal Taxation 75%


Approximate Study Time Commitment

Obviously, your required study time will be dependent on whether you have prior knowledge of Business Law and/or U.S. Taxation. (Please note that IQEX does not provide any hands-on taxation experience. Accordingly, the USCPA-NOW course is not designed to provide the expertise needed to handle “real-life” client situations. See FAQs for more details.)

Assuming you have no prior knowledge about any of the topics in the IQEX Syllabus, the following is an estimate of the average study time requirement after an initial review of the material or the 2-day course:

Subject Area Total Hours
Business Law

    • Contracts
    • Federal Securities Acts
    • Commercial Paper
    • Secured Transactions
    • Bankruptcy
    • Debtor-Creditor Relationships
    • Agency
    • Regulation of Employment and the Environment
    • Business Structure


    • CPA Legal Responsibilities
      • Common Law
      • Federal Statutory Liability
    • Ethical Considerations for Tax Return Preparers
Federal Taxation

    • Individuals
    • Corporations
    • Partnerships
    • Transactions in Property
    • Gift and Estate Taxes
    • Trusts and Exempt Organizations


USCPA-NOW program fees include complete up-to-date study notes covering all the material you will need to learn to successfully pass IQEX. The course also includes over 1,000 sample multiple-choice questions and detailed solutions. The materials emphasize those topics and questions most likely to appear on IQEX. The USCPA-NOW fee does not include the NASBA examination fee (currently $835 U.S.).

There is no need for you to acquire any additional examination preparation materials.

USCPA-NOW Comprehensive Program

All participants will receive reasonable email/telephone support from Henry Zimmer.

The cost of the USCPA-NOW Comprehensive Program is $849 U.S. (No tax, shipping included)

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Program Registration

Please click on the button below to purchase the paper course on our main site: Chartered Accountant Worldwide Network USA Learning

Now also available as an on-line course!

The USCPA-NOW Program

USCPA-NOW provides a guided self-study program for $849 which includes reasonable email and/or telephone support from course developer Henry Zimmer. This home-study program will qualify registrants for around 60-75 hours of Continuing Professional Education. No other study materials are required for you to pass IQEX.

The USCPA-NOW materials now include an analysis and discussion of the 26 most likely topics to be tested by the 8 Task Based Simulations which comprise 50% of the exam.

Now also available as an on-line course!