Post Designation Public Accounting Examination.

The Post Designation Public Accounting Program and Examination are administered by the individual Provinces, historically on an annual basis. (The frequency may be altered over time as demand increases.)

The course is self-study and is designed to be covered over an 8-10-week period. The estimated study time required is 15 hours per week.

In Ontario, the cost is $1,000 plus 13% HST. However, time spent in studying and taking the exam qualify as CPE hours.

Candidates are provided online with a detailed course outline and all materials. There are no deadlines, submissions or workshops.

The examination is held in major centers such as Toronto and Ottawa (for Ontario CPAs).

The examination is 4.5 hours long and consists of 60 multiple choice questions and a 2-hour integrated case study. Candidates are given access to restricted resource material such as Handbooks, The Income Tax Act, common ratios and a tax-shield formula.

The multiple-choice question topics are:

Financial Reporting 10 questions
Strategy & Governance 5 questions
Audit and assurance 10 questions
Finance 5 questions
Taxation 30 questions.

The case study will focus on Assurance and Financial reporting.

Important Note: The program requires significant relevant practical experience in order for the individual to be licensed in Canada. However, for IQEX purposes, the only requirement (beyond one year of flexible experience) is that the prospective candidate must pass the examination.

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