The CPA-Now course materials and Henry’s approach allowed me to focus my study time on those areas of most importance. I don’t know what I would have done without the guidance provided by the materials.

Matthew Klassen, CA

While there are many courses available to prepare for the CPA, there are very limited options for IQEX. The CPA-NOW course was an excellent choice. The study materials focused on the key requirements and the notes were compiled in a manner that made the information easy to understand and retain. This made the CPA-NOW course both an effective and efficient way to prepare and successfully pass IQEX.

Iris Chan, CA

The course did a great job focusing on the important areas. Without its help, I never would have scored 95%!

Daniel Paquin, CA

The CPA-NOW course materials and textbook provide everything you need to pass IQEX. The program provides a clear and very manageable study strategy with invaluable guidance between the specific and general for each topic area.

James Gottselig, CA

A strength of the CPA-NOW course is that everything I needed was in one binder: a study approach, technical notes, and recommended questions. It turned an overwhelming situation into something manageable, and contributed to my confidence that I would pass the IQEX.

Lindsay Glavan, CA

After a first read through the materials, then reading through them again while starting to answer the sample questions, I came to appreciate the method behind Henry's approach. YOU REALLY DON'T HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING IN THE TOPICAL AREAS COVERED BY THE IQEX! Henry's notes focus on what you need to know - that's it. I can't even imagine how many hours his materials saved me, but as a sole practitioner I can sure appreciate it.

Jeff Meyers, CA

Excellent course. Notes and suggestions regarding how much study time to allocate per topic were invaluable. Complex areas were explained clearly.

Sue Sekar, CA

The CPA-NOW IQEX training materials were an efficient way to learn what is needed to pass the IQEX. The binders divided up the complex and technical material into easily digestible sizes. The guidance provided great direction on where I should focus my time, which was key due to my incredibly busy schedule. Without these materials I would have certainly been lost.

Mark Burnes, CA