My Comprehensive IQEX Program

Course developer Henry Zimmer has prepared a Comprehensive IQEX Program that covers everything an eligible Canadian professional needs to learn to successfully pass the exam. All participants will receive study notes written in an easy-to-follow conversational style that emphasize the most likely topics tested on the exam. You will also receive a textbook which forms the basic core of the USCPA-NOW notes and also contains over one-thousand sample multiple choice questions with detailed solutions. Many of these questions are from old exams and the questions tend to be repeated from year-to-year. You will not need to refer to the text except to study those questions recommended in your notes.

Based on over twenty years of experience in teaching IQEX courses, Henry Zimmer guarantees that, after an initial run-through, there will be nothing in the materials (See the IQEX Syllabus and Grading Structure) that you won't understand. USCPA-NOW promises that you will have a clear-cut picture of the amount of study time you will need to successfully pass IQEX.

To ensure your success, all participants are entitled to reasonable email/telephone consultation with Henry Zimmer. You should wait until you have completed an initial reading of the study notes and have reviewed the FAQs before requesting any assistance.

The USCPA-NOW materials include an analysis and discussion of the 26 most likely topics to be tested by the 8 Task Based Simulations.