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Combined Paper and Online Course USCPA-NOW


  • Proven Exam Preparation – 20 years’ experience
  • 90% Success Rate – with this course content
  • Question-based Learning – IQEX style questions
  • Up to date content – in line with CPA Exam blueprint
  • Online Support – with course author Henry Zimmer
  • Notes Function – create your own printable flash cards
  • Self-paced – track your hours with detailed reporting
  • Works on all devices – PC, Laptop, mobile
  • Ability to print pdfs – of course material for each section if required
  • Detailed Quiz Analytics – Watch yourself improve
  • Associate membership – In buying the course you are eligible for 1 year’s associate membership, a $50 value
  • Study Groups – Optional study groups will be offered with the updated 2022 course (July 2022)
  • CAW Network USA – A non-profit dedicated to the education of accountants, all monies support member related activities

Customers are advised that exam fees are payable to NASBA and are not refundable. Any liability to participants in this program will be limited to refunding the IQEX course fee only.

Introduction to CAW Network USA

About CAW Network USA

CAW Network USA is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting qualified accountants from fifteen Chartered Institutes with members who reside in the U.S.
Our mission is to facilitate the professional success of our members, promote the business community’s recognition of, and respect for, these professionals while focusing on networking and education opportunities. Monies received for the IQEX class will be fed back into maintaining and updating the class and to provide services to members.
CAW Network USA acquired the USCPA-NOW IQEX class from its author, Henry Zimmer in June 2020, as it was agreed making this course available is of direct benefit to many members and associates. We have retained the services of Henry Zimmer to maintain and support the class.



Hello, my name is Henry Zimmer and I have been preparing people for the USPCA-NOW course for the past 20 years.

By way of background, I was born in New York City but moved to Montreal, Canada at the age of 12.  I received a degree with honors in English from McGill University and then lost my way, entering the Canadian CA program, receiving  my designation in 1967. While it may seem an incongruous combination, the communication skills that I learned early on have served me well over the last 50 plus years.  I became a tax specialist, wrote 15 books on taxation and investment; some texts and several for the general public that became national bestsellers.

I want to wish you success in your endeavors to obtain a US CPA and I hope you will enjoy the benefits of continuing professional and personal achievements in the future. Thank you and good luck.


U.S. candidates must write a 4-part set of examinations: Auditing and Attestation (AUD), Business Environment and Concepts (BEC), Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR), and Regulation (REG).

The American Institute of CAPs (AICPA) assumes that CAs/CPAs licensed in a number of countries have had sufficient exposure to the first 3 subjects and therefore only need to sit the RegulationSince it may be necessary to differentiate between most candidates and foreign licensed CAs/CPAs, the same Regulation exam as directed to foreign eligible writers is called the International Qualifying Examination (IQEX).

Please see our FAQs (link to FAQs) for other details including:

  • ‘What are the examination application procedures and deadlines’
  • Subject times and gradings
  • Study time

Your pathway to becoming a US CPA

Your Pathway to becoming a US CPA

IQEX allows internationally trained accountants to attain US CPA accreditation without sitting the CPA exam. The USCPA-NOW Comprehensive International Qualifying Examination (IQEX) program is appropriate for Canadian CPAs; Scottish, South African Irish, Mexican, New Zealand and Australian CAs; Australian, Irish and Hong Kong CPAs. For eligibility criteria please click here »

After completing an initial review of the material, you only need to commit about 75 hours of study.

The USCPA-NOW Program is the only course that is targeted to professionals who did not study U.S. Tax and Law as undergraduates

How many thousands of hours did it take you to earn your CA or CPA Canada designation?

Now you can add a U.S. CPA to your credentials by simply investing in the USCPA-NOW Comprehensive IQEX Program. This is an online study course though students can download pdfs for each section if they wish to review offline. Tests and simulations are available online and include over one thousand practice questions and detailed solutions, and reasonable email/telephone support from course developer Henry Zimmer.

All of this will suffice as a stand-alone home-study program. We also plan to introduce some optional study group sessions when with the release of the 2022/23 version of the class.

After completing an initial review of the material, you only need to commit about 75 hours of study.
All profits from the sale of our USCPA-Now class go towards CAW Network USA member activities.

Why obtain a US CPA?

Why Should I Obtain a U.S. CPA?

There are several reasons for making the investment in a U.S. CPA designation.

  1. You may be living in the U.S. or may decide to move to the U.S. or to another jurisdiction where the U.S. CPA is more readily recognized than a CA or a Canadian CPA;
  2. You may have clients that are U.S. parents or US subsidiaries of Canadian / Overseas firms;
  3. You may be employed, or decide to become employed by a U.S.-based entity even if you don’t relocate;
  4. All paid tax return preparers must now have a Preparer Tax Identification Number issued by the IRS before preparing any tax returns. As a U.S. CPA, you will be exempt from passing the IRS competency exams and the annual continuing education requirements.
  5. CPA Canada: Even though a Canada-wide adoption of the initials CPA has taken place, the U.S. will not recognize the Canadian CPA certification any more than it did the predecessor Canadian CA designation.



NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy) has established Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) with the following countries that enable you to qualify for the IQEX:
CPA Australia
Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ)
CPA Canada (CPAC)
Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA)
Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI)
Instituto Mexicano de Contadores Publicos (IMCP)
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS)
South African Institute of Chartered Accountants
> Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Ireland (CPA Ireland)

Please note that, if you ultimately are considering joining a particular state board, do NOT look at that state’s education or practical experience requirements.  When you pass IQEX, you are automatically assumed to have met any state board requirements and you will not be asked to substantiate either your prior education or experience.

IQEX CPA Eligibility Criteria

What makes USCPA-Now Unique

What makes USCPA-Now Unique

USCPA-NOW’s Comprehensive IQEX Program is the market leader in helping participants prepare for the IQEX Exam. USCPA-NOW is the only IQEX preparation course offers personalized email/telephone consultation with its course developer. The USCPA-NOW program starts from scratch and assumes you have no prior knowledge of U.S. taxation, U.S. law or U.S. ethics.

U.S. based courses advertising IQEX preparation merely review what U.S. college students learned in their undergraduate courses and leave eligible Canadian professionals frustrated studying on their own with no personal guidance. USCPA-NOW is with you every step of the way until you pass the IQEX Exam!

How to register with NASBA

What are the examination application procedures and deadlines?

You should access the NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy) website at and review the material on IQEX. The USCPA-NOW study materials include a summary of the major points. However, before you register with USCPA-NOW, there are a few things you must know.

  1. You may print a copy of the IQEX application form from the NASBA website and complete it manually. The fee to write IQEX is $835 U.S. payable by Mastercard, Visa or Discover and is to be mailed with your application.
  2. If a CPA Canada member, check with your institute and its own MRA related requirements, you must arrange for a Letter of Good Standing to be sent directly to NASBA by your Provincial Institute. NASBA must receive it before you are granted permission to schedule your examination. To be eligible to write IQEX, your CPA experience requirement must have been completed. There are no longer any exceptions since the exam is offered throughout the year. A Notice to Schedule is open for six calendar months. If a member of a Chartered Accounting institute with a Mutual Recognition Agreement in place with NASBA/AICPA, then it is likely similar will be required from your home institute. Check exact requirements with your home institute and / or NASBA.
  3. For CPA Canada members: The earlier you apply (and your Letter of Good Standing is submitted) the greater your chances are of securing the testing date and location you desire. Testing is administered at Prometric Centers in Canada and the U.S. A list of testing locations can be found at

There are now testing centers outside Canada and the U.S. and the exam is offered throughout the year. Google “NASBA TESTING CENTERS” for more details.

Course Structure

IQEX Subject Areas & Grading

Subject Area Percentage of Exam
Business Law 12%
Ethics 13%
Federal Taxation 75%

Approximate Study Time Commitment

Obviously, your required study time will be dependent on whether you have prior knowledge of Business Law and/or U.S. Taxation. (Please note that IQEX does not provide any hands-on taxation experience. Accordingly, the USCPA-NOW course is not designed to provide the expertise needed to handle “real-life” client situations. See FAQs for more details.)

Assuming you have no prior knowledge about any of the topics in the IQEX Syllabus, the following is an estimate of the average study time requirement after an initial review of the material or the 2-day course:

Subject Area Total Hours
Business Law

Federal Securities Acts
Commercial Paper
Secured Transactions
Debtor-Creditor Relationships
Regulation of Employment and the Environment
Business Structure



CPA Legal Responsibilities

–  Common Law
– Federal Statutory Liability

Ethical Considerations for Tax Return Preparers

Federal Taxation

Transactions in Property
Gift and Estate Taxes
Trusts and Exempt Organizations


Online Course advantages

Online Support

with course author Henry Zimmer

Notes Function

create your own printable flash cards, or download as a word document

Works on all devices

PC, Laptop, Tablets and Mobile

Detailed Quiz Analytics

Watch yourself improve


I got licensed last month (July 2022) and the IQEX materials were very helpful for my preparation. It took two rounds of review and going over all the questions. I would definitely recommend the program to anyone who want to sit for the exam.

Tinashe Wanenge, SAICA

I am happy with the outcome and the content of the course, especially how “brief” it is in providing the necessary knowledge point without overloading candidates with information.

Kelly Wang CPA

Excellent course. Notes and suggestions regarding how much study time to allocate per topic were invaluable. Complex areas were explained clearly.

Sue Sekar, CA

The Chartered Accountants Worldwide Network USA Comprehensive IQEX Program provided a concise and efficient process for my exam preparation. The multiple-choice questions and task-based simulations reinforced the information contained in the text material. The course was designed to focus on what is really important to learn and helped me avoid over-studying.
I completed the entire program in under 3 weeks. I was able to review the practice questions several times. My grade was 89%
Many, many thanks!

Avi Weiss CPA (Ontario, Canada)

While there are many courses available to prepare for the CPA, there are very limited options for IQEX. The CPA-NOW course was an excellent choice. The study materials focused on the key requirements and the notes were compiled in a manner that made the information easy to understand and retain. This made the CPA-NOW course both an effective and efficient way to prepare and successfully pass IQEX.

Iris Chan, CA

After a first read through the materials, then reading through them again while starting to answer the sample questions, I came to appreciate the method behind Henry’s approach. YOU REALLY DON’T HAVE TO KNOW EVERYTHING IN THE TOPICAL AREAS COVERED BY THE IQEX! Henry’s notes focus on what you need to know – that’s it. I can’t even imagine how many hours his materials saved me, but as a sole practitioner I can sure appreciate it.

Jeff Meyers, CA

I’m in public accounting and I had to get my CPA license to progress in my career, so it was a goal of mine to get my CPA this year. I purchased the IQEX online course in May after busy season ended and I gave myself two months to go through the course in preparation for the exam. I took the IQEX exam end of June, and I passed, all thanks to the IQEX online course. The course is structured in a way that makes it easy to navigate and understand the material while also allowing you to see your progress. I was able to plan my study time according to the percentages of the course I wanted to cover during a study session. This allowed me to go through the content twice before I took my exam, as recommended. The quizzes at the end of each section allowed me to see how much of each section I understood. In addition to the quizzes at the end of each section, there’s also access to bonus practice tests. I also appreciated the IQEX exam guidance that’s included throughout the course to give you guidance on the areas that you need to fully understand before taking the exam. I found the course introduction to be a very important part of the program as it provided me with an adequate amount of guidance on how to prepare for the exam while also laying out everything I needed to know regarding the admin of taking the exam. I highly recommend taking the USCPA Now IQEX Exam Program if you want to give yourself the best opportunity to pass the IQEX exam.

Shingirai Gwindingwi

The CPA-NOW IQEX training materials were an efficient way to learn what is needed to pass the IQEX. The guidance provided great direction on where I should focus my time, which was key due to my incredibly busy schedule. Without these materials I would have certainly been lost.

Mark Burnes, CA

The course did a great job focusing on the important areas. Without its help, I never would have scored 95%!

Daniel Paquin, CA


US CPA NOW frequently asked questions

What are the eligibility requirements to write IQEX? Is there an articling requirement for CPAs?

Eligibility criteria are explained here.

When is IQEX offered? How long is the exam?

The IQEX examination is now offered throughout the year at Prometric Centers in major Canadian and U.S. cities. It is also available in selected other locations globally.  You may visit the Prometric website at for more details. The exam requires you to book a 4.5 hour time slot. The first half hour is for orientation and the exam itself is 4 hours.

Which U.S. jurisdictions accept IQEX?

IQEX is accepted by 45 states and The District of Columbia. The following 5 states do not accept IQEX:

    • Alaska
    • Connecticut
    • Delaware
    • Hawaii
    • Rhode Island
After passing IQEX and joining a State Board, do I obtain all rights as a CPA?

Although you may refer to yourself as a U.S. CPA, in most jurisdictions a license to sign audit reports is not granted automatically. Such license is also not granted by simply passing the full Uniform Exam in the U.S. Various states impose additional education and/or experience requirements for those CPAs seeking permission to sign audit reports. The NASBA website lists all the individual State Boards along with contact information.

After passing IQEX, will I be able to prepare U.S. tax returns?

If you want to prepare U.S. tax returns, it is recommended that you enroll in the online tax course that is offered at There are two components, the first covering personal tax and the second dealing with corporations and partnerships. Both components offer many hours of verifiable Continuing Professional Education.
Passing the IQEX Exam and becoming a U.S. CPA automatically fulfills the recently implemented IRS tax preparer requirements. U.S. CPAs in Canada may obtain a Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN) and are exempt from the ongoing testing and continuing education requirements. A U.S. Social Security Number is not required. 

What is your repeat policy if a participant fails the IQEX Exam?

Candidates initially have a year’s access to the IQEX material, however if more time is required they can request this. We will also give access to latest updates and course material if required at an admin cost of $25.  Contact to request an extension of your access. We want you to be successful and understand you may need more time to study.

What are the eligibility requirements to write IQEX? Is there an articling requirement for CPAs?

Eligibility criteria are explained here.

Are you subject to Provincial Institute / Home institute continuing professional education requirements?

If you are, why not use this opportunity to combine a professional designation with the fulfillment of your continuing professional development commitments?

If I am not eligible to sit IQEX, what is NASBA’s guidance on agreeing eligibility to sit the CPA exams?

Eligibility requirements for the Uniform CPA Examination vary for each jurisdiction.  Candidates must determine the state for which they wish to apply for the examination.  We cannot assist you in making that decision, but we can offer you some helpful tools.   [See the section immediately below and/or the section about NIES for International candidates.]

For detailed information on applying to a specific state, please visit our website at, click on Exams, CPA Exam, and then select the jurisdiction/state for which you wish to obtain information.  Be sure to click on the various links for “More” to view detailed explanations regarding 1) eligibility requirements, 2) how to apply, 3) additional documentation required, 4) exam credits, 5) fees, 6) where to find your scores, and 7) the refund policy.  Contact information for state specific questions is also available in the lower right corner of your state page.

Important: It is essential that you read the Candidate Bulletin before you apply.  A copy can be downloaded from our website:

An excellent source of general eligibility requirements information is available through the Research Tool on our Accountancy Licensing Library (ALL) page:  From this page, you will be able to perform high level (general) queries regarding the various states and their requirements. This Research Tool can help you narrow down the possible list of states for which you may be eligible to apply for the exam and/or licensure.  This is a subscription-based program—the fee is $10 for a one-day subscription with unlimited searches.  This website is very current and is frequently updated.

On the AICPA website, there are sample test questions and free tutorials to help candidates prepare to sit for the Examination:  Everything you need to know about the CPA Exam | AICPA   To prepare for each section of the Uniform CPA Examination, candidates are responsible for reviewing the Uniform CPA Examination Tutorial and Sample Tests. Thorough familiarity with the Examination’s instructions, functionality, and format is required before candidates report to testing centers.  Failure to follow the instructions provided in the Tutorial and Sample Tests, including the instructions on how to respond, may adversely affect your scores.

International Evaluations

NASBA’s International Evaluation Services (“NIES”) department provides academic evaluation services for applicants who have completed their education outside the United States:   NIES is only for the Uniform CPA Examination and CPA licensing.  We do not evaluate foreign education for admission to academic institutions or employment in the United States.

NIES now offers a service for candidates who cannot decide upon the state for which they wish to apply for CPA examination and licensure.  Our new evaluation report type will provide candidates with the best options for CPA examination and licensure.  Candidates can choose the Undecided Jurisdiction application and we will evaluate their international education and provide the best jurisdiction options. We have this information posted on our website at  This credential evaluation report provides the best options for obtaining approval for the CPA Examination and Licensure.  NIES will offer guidance based on the education requirements of the jurisdictions for which we provide services. The initial advisory report will include three jurisdictions for examination and licensure.  Your overall equivalency statement, total credits, accounting credits and business credits will also be included.  If you do not meet the educational requirements for any jurisdiction, the deficiencies will be noted on your report.  For more information, take a look at our FAQ.

If you are interested in information regarding international testing sites outside the U.S., please click on this link:

After reviewing all of the above, if you have further questions, please reply to cpaexam@nasba.orgwith your name and the state for which you plan to apply noted in the subject line of your email.

What do you do after passing IQEX in order to apply to a State Board?

(example here is for Washington DC as of July 2023, process may be different if a state does not work with NASBA on the application process.)

Once you’ve passed IQEX:

  1. Create a account and purchase a score forward from IQEX to DC. Pay $25.
  2. Create a account. Apply online, transfer of grades, then select IQEX. Upload the same documents submitted for the IQEX (letter of good standing, experience verification). Don’t worry about education credentials etc. Pay $175. Here’s a helpful link, click on International Applicants.

– This step is required because DC has contracted its candidate application process to NASBA.

– Phone the NASBA Licensing call center (866-350-0017), make sure that they have received the score forward.

– The process is 1. Check application for completeness, 2. Initial evaluation, 3. Quality assurance. You will receive emails on your status. If you receive an email requesting additional documents, then you must phone the call center, let them know that the application is complete and request that the application status be changed to the initial evaluation stage.

  1. Create an and apply for a license. Again, upload the same documents submitted for the IQEX. Ignore the rest. Pay $175.

Here’s a link with some helpful info on the DC Board of Accountancy

Helpful people:

For the stage

Customers are advised that exam fees are payable to NASBA and are not refundable. Any liability to participants in this program will be limited to refunding the IQEX course fee only.

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IQEX is borne from reciprocity agreements with Chartered Accountant Institutes/ other institutes in several Commonwealth and other countries to provide a fast-track program leading to the US CPA through a special International Qualifying Examination, abbreviated as IQEX. 

This course presents the material in a manner you will understand fully following your initial run through. The key to success is to grasp the important concepts rather than memorize rules. Complete all of the suggested multiple-choice questions and practice simulations at least twice. The more questions you review the higher your grade.

Other courses offered

In addition to providing assistance for eligible candidates to take the IQEX, we also offer classes that can assist you in fulfilling your continuing professional development commitments.

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USCPA-NOW Comprehensive IQEX Program 2024/2025

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From $995**

USCPA-NOW Comprehensive IQEX Program 2024

Give yourself the best opportunity to pass the IQEX exam and become a US CPA. 1 year subscription including all updates and support.

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