Why Should I Obtain a U.S. CPA?

There are several reasons for making the investment in a U.S. CPA designation.

  1. You may be living in the U.S. or may decide to move to the U.S. or to another jurisdiction where the U.S. CPA is more readily recognized than a CA or a Canadian CPA;
  2. You may have clients that are U.S. parents or subsidiaries of Canadian firms;
  3. You may be employed, or decide to become employed by a U.S.-based entity (or a Canadian subsidiary) even if you don't relocate;
  4. All paid tax return preparers must now have a Preparer Tax Identification Number issued by the IRS before preparing any tax returns. As a U.S. CPA, you will be exempt from passing the IRS competency exams and the annual continuing education requirements.
  5. Even though a Canada-wide adoption of the initials CPA has taken place, the U.S. will not recognize the Canadian CPA certification any more than it did the predecessor Canadian CA designation.

Are you subject to Provincial Institute continuing professional education requirements?

If you are, why not use this opportunity to combine a professional designation with the fulfillment of your continuing professional development commitments?